Safety Precautions to Maintain Warehouse Racking System


Warehouse workers experience different types of accidents daily, ranging from injuries caused by racking to loading dock falls. That’s why it is essential to maintain a safe working environment no matter where you work.

Worldwide, warehouses provide countless jobs to individuals and become vital to the success of a wide variety of industries. Warehouses are those areas where things are stored in bulk form; all warehouses have a pallet rack system for this storing purpose.

But unfortunately, the safety of the warehouse racking system was mostly ignored, resulting in serious injuries and damage. This article has mentioned some of the most important safety precautions to keep your warehouse racking system from causing issues.

So, make sure to learn these tips and put them into practice.

1. Provide Visual Reminders

Placing visual reminders is the best way to maintain a safe warehouse racking system. When employees see the safety training guidelines bring to the forefront of people’s minds.

By posting warnings, signs, and placards, you can help employees remind important facts and tips when they will be most helpful. As a study shows, people’s minds remember most of the information they see compared to what they listen to.

2. Provide Consistent Training

When an old employee leaves and a newcomer comes, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that everyone gets the same level of training. Most of the time, one or two employees slip through the training batch and never learn the basics of the warehouse racking system, like critical information on how to handle an emergency in the warehouse.

This may seem like a big issue, but when they don’t receive the training, they may not even recognize the problem for what it is and how to handle it in the early stages. That’s why make sure to plan the refresher sessions every so often.

3. Organize Your Storage Racks

Most of the warehouses overload their storage racks with organizing them. But the thing they don’t understand is that this temptation of storing more products can bring serious consequences if the racking system is not strong enough to handle those loads.

If you don’t want any kind of racking damage that can cause injuries, don’t overload your storage racks. Organize them every week and put labels on every rack that shows the load limits.

4. Warehouse Layout

If you are building a new warehouse, make sure to design the layout wide and open enough to safely navigate any necessary machinery and warehouse equipment like plastic shopping carts.

We know that it’s beneficial for you to make aisles small so that the warehouse area can hold more stock. But this narrow layout of the warehouse can cause serious accidents when more than one or two pallet racking systems with equipment bump into each other.

5. Appoint Safety Manager

Appointing a safety manager, depending on the size of your warehouse and the number and number of employees working there, is a wise decision you can make to maintain the safety of the racking system.

This way, the manager checks the warehouse’s racking system daily and listens to the employee’s concerns about safety they have noticed.


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