How to Select the Best Telescopic Forklift Option


A telescopic forklift is common in construction sites, warehouses, farms, and other job sites where lifting is necessary. Their versatility makes them attractive since, in addition to lifting, they move the items and place them in the desired spot. Sites like Alibaba have very high-quality forklifts. However, the buying process can be challenging due to the many options. They vary in size, features, number of attachments, lift capacities, etc. Knowing what to look out for makes shopping easy and quick. We look at choosing the ideal telescopic forklift option for your needs below.

Selecting the best telescopic forklift option

Buying a telescopic forklift is one of those investments you plan on for a long time because you don’t want to miss anything. With the right approach, you can be sure of a machine that brings a lot of revenue to your business. It’s easier to purchase anything once you understand its use, its behavior, and what you need it for. Below are elements to consider before selecting this equipment.

The weight of the load

The main purpose of securing the telescopic forklift is to lift heavy objects. The weight of the load determines the size of the telehandler to get. They are available in varying sizes and capacities. The load capacity is usually indicated on the machine or the documentation. Most range from 4000 lbs to 15000 lbs which accommodate most objects. Your business specialization will dictate the nature of loads that you handle. Make sure you get it right to avoid inconveniences.

The height to cover

The vertical reach in telescopic forklifts varies as per design or model. Mini forklifts have a shorter reach than the high-reach models. You need a telescopic forklift with a more extended arm to reach taller buildings or stacks of items and vice versa. Some have a maximum lift height of 19 inches, while others reach 56 inches.

The needed forward reach

Apart from the height, the forward reach is also significant. Telescopic forklifts are known to extend much further than the traditional kind. The greater the forward reach, the more valuable the equipment is. It can get over most obstacles and deliver the load to the set location. It can also drop items on high trucks through the forward reach and high height.

Type of load

Telescopic forklifts have several features and attachment options. Check out the machine specifications from the manual not to miss any detail on what a particular forklift can do. Knowing what you want to lift enables you to get the correct attachments. These attachments include pallet forks, bale clamps, buckets, log handlers, etc. Alternatively, you can get multiple attachments. It may be costly, but you can accomplish more tasks.

To sum up

Above are the major considerations for choosing telescopic forklifts. However, the ground conditions to be worked on and the size of the job site also matters. Take note of the prices as different brands/models have varying price tags. Getting this equipment is an investment. Ensure to get the ideal kind from a trustworthy supplier in Alibaba.


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