How to Handle a 20 x 16 Heat Press Machine Safely


A heat press machine is valuable, especially in the fashion industry. These machines come in different specifications, from design and aesthetics to size. When it comes to size, the 20 x 16 heat press is one of the most sought-after in Alibaba. This machine allows you to imprint graphics or designs on t-shirts with excellent outcomes. One thing to note is that despite the effectiveness of the machine, you are required to apply safety precautions not to harm yourself, inventories, or the machine. Since the 20 x 16 heat press machine uses heat, without the necessary precautions, accidents may occur.

What safety precautions apply when using a 20 x 16 heat press machine?

The heat press machine is crucial in the design industry. You can use it on mugs, plates, t-shirts, or caps. The necessity of the device, especially in branding, ensures that it is a vital production tool. When using it, there are necessary precautions that you should employ to prevent accidents. Below are simple steps for using the heat press machine safely.

Read the manual for first-time use

If you have just bought your heat press machine, read the manual first. Most machine manufacturers list the necessary precautions when handling the machine. It also comes with a guide on using it effectively. The instruction will help prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring due to ignorance. If you are keen enough, you will realize that the instructions are straightforward and with illustrations where necessary.

Avoid loose clothing when operating the machine

It would be best if you avoided anything that can get in the way of using the device. Make sure to avoid wearing any loose clothing. Also, if you have long hair, tie it in the back. The same applies even to those who wear long pieces of jewelry that hang anyhow. This precaution makes it easy to prevent anything you have on you from getting trapped in the heat press machine.

Avoid placing your hand on the heat press when on

A heat press machine uses power to operate. It means that if you place your hand when the device is on, you risk the chance of getting severe burns. Thus, if you have the power on, ensure no bare skin contacts the heat press machine.

Disconnect when not in use

It may seem like an obvious precaution, but there are instances when some may forget. Leaving the machine on can bring about unforeseen consequences. Once you use it to make designs, turn the heat press machine off. It also ensures that you do not waste energy.

Avoid using the machine in a humid room

Since the heat press depends on power to run, contact between water and electricity creates an unsafe environment for operation. Thus, ensure you only use the machine in a very dry room. The more cautious you are, the better the outcome.


A 20 x 16 heat press machine is just like other electrical devices. Without using the necessary precautions, there is a chance that an unforeseen accident may occur. Thus, make sure to apply the necessary precautions when handling the machine.


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