Garage Door Carriage Style Selection Guide


Even before cars were made, there were garage doors in a carriage style. People got from one place to another during that time by using horses and carriages. They would put them in a barn with doors that opened wide enough to fit the carriages. This is why they are called carriage garage doors.

People love the classic and traditional look of their homes in this day and age. Homeowners want their garage doors to look classy, and carriage house garage doors can do that.

How is a Carriage Garage Door Put Together

Wood was used to make the first carriage garage doors, which had iron hinges and other hardware. They were hinged on the sides and opened outward to fit the horse and carriage.

Carriage garage doors usually had intricate woodwork, like crisscrossed planking on a barn, decorative window inserts, and big handles.

People don’t usually get around in a horse-drawn carriage anymore, so carriage garage doors have gotten much-needed upgrades since their heyday.

Remade: Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Carriage-style garage doors look great on historical and classic homes, but they also look great on contemporary and traditional homes. They look nice.

A garage door that opens outward from the sides is now considered a nuisance by many people.  Efficiency and comfort are very important to people today.

The garage doors that look like carriages have been updated to fit the needs of homeowners today. Sectional garage doors that open like carriage doors are now available. Modern garage doors are made to look like old-fashioned carriage doors to look elegant and work well. You don’t have to worry about making sure the doors have enough space to swing-out.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door with a Carriage Style

If you want a carriage-style garage door, you should look at what you have to choose from. You need to choose the garage door to give your home the look and functionality you want and the energy efficiency you need.

If you live in the Midwest, you know that the summer and winter weather can be very bad. You need a garage door that can handle whatever the weather throws at it.

Putting in a Carriage-Style Garage Door

Putting in a garage door is a job that needs to be done with care and accuracy. We don’t think you should try to put up your garage door yourself.

If one thing goes wrong, it’s easy for a carriage-style garage door to break, putting you, your family, and the things in your garage at risk.

Don’t try to install carriage-style garage doors yourself. Instead, hire a pro. The installers are all factory-trained and certified, and they have a combined experience of installing garage doors of many years. . They know how to install carriage-style garage doors the right way.

Would You Choose a Garage Door Carriage Style for your Garage

If you’ve decided that carriage-style garage doors are the best choice for your home, you’ll need to find the right company to give you the right door.

You should remember that the weather in the Midwest can be rough in the winter and summer, so you need a carriage-style garage door that can take a beating and still look good and work well.

So, a steel carriage-style garage door with sections is the best choice for you. The classic carriage garage door’s beauty and curb appeal can be combined with the modernity, strength, and energy efficiency of a steel garage door.


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